Don't let the attire fool you - Young Thug is not to be played with. Every so often, shades of his threatening nature emerge on Instagram, especially when provoked by those looking to test his mettle. As DC Young Fly tells it on the latest episode of No Jumper, Thug is simply a product of his environment. 

When asked whether Young Fly heard the Young Thug So Much Fun album yet, DC implores the fans to support a fellow ATLien accordingly. "That's my guy from back then, I went to school with him," says DC, at around the 44-minute mark. This revelation piques Adam's interest, and he inquires further. "He a real one," continues Young Fly. "Man, Thug punched a teacher in eighth grade and got kicked out. He punched a teacher in the mouth, BOW!!!"

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

"Man you know what, I'll never forget, we was on team Luther Jesse Price middle school," reflects Young Fly. "Thug grew up in a real rough-ass neighborhood called Jonesboro South...This shit is for real, you dig what I'm saying? I forgot, but something happened with the teacher. He said something to Thug. And you know, Thug Goddamn--You know Thug, I'ma be one hundred. Thug come from the slums. I'm talking bout like, the dirt. To see him handle his business, got mansions and shit. N***a I salute it. I know where the fuck he come from. I know, from you, your sister...You handled your business like a man."

"But yeah, the teacher said something to Thug, he grabbed him," continues Young Fly. "You know, as a child, you scared! So he popped his ass!" Seeing Young Fly mirror Thug's mannerism throughout the depiction only enhances the viewing experience. "That n***a was like [DC clutches his nose and mouth]. That n***a walked out the room, bruh. That was the last time we seen that n***a. And Thug got kicked out."