While Tory Lanez appeared to have opened the door for all challengers to step up, it would appear the invitation was more exclusive than initially believed. Ottawa rapper Dax found out the hard way, after he was pressed by Lanez in Los Angeles. The Memories Don't Die rapper forced Dax to apologize, leaving many wondering about the nature of the confrontation. Now, Dax has sat down with Akademiks for a conversation, offering his perspective on the events. 

Dax does not appear to have let the incident shake him, and remains fully focused on what's ahead. "I'm the Master P of 2019," he states. At the sixteen-minute mark, Dax begins reflecting on how the Tory Lanez diss track came to be. Believing Lanez to have issued an open challenge, Dax stepped up. "I never said I was a street n***a so I didn't do any of that stuff," he explains. "I have the lyrical capabilities to withstand any fortitude another artist can bring toward me." Upon previewing the song, he actually received a warning from Lanez, who essentially threatened a "deeper-than-rap" response.

Brian Stukes/Getty Images

"I didn't take it too seriously," says Dax. "He had said 'if you say the wrong thing,' and I knew my diss track wasn't personal...There were a bunch of other diss tracks out, I had seen 15. I thought it would be fun." After, Ak shifts the conversation to the night of the confrontation. Dax explains that tensions reached a boiling point at an LA club, after he finished performing. As he tells it, he was actually jumped by some goons, and was forced to flee as a result. Unfortunately, the goons still ended up seizing his Dax chain in the midst of the kerfuffle. 

Still, Dax doesn't appear too bothered. "What me and Tory Lanez did last night is the biggest revolution in hip-hop history," he explains. "We totally revolutionized the game. What we did has set a standard for 2019. Things don't have to end in brutality and fatality." Ak isn't convinced - "but that's how it ended though!" 

"It didn't have to end poorly. People have to get back home to their families," continues Dax. "He did what he had to do, I did what I had to do. I made it back to my family, I'm good. I have no animosity toward him. You don't have to let your pride get the best of you in a compromising situation, leading to your parents living longer than you." 

Regardless of how you feel, it's clear that Dax learned a lesson, and seems genuinely humbled by the process. "I'm not about the bullshit," he says. "For every single motherfucker watching, you don't have to be the tough guy my G. You can settle down and breathe in this situation, and think, what's best for my family."