DaBaby is as astute a businessman as you'll find in the recording industry. At first glance, DaBaby's derelict decision-making would seem to be ill-advised. Like, say, the time he showed up at SXSW suspended by a giant diaper, a schtick he wisely abandoned right before his re-introduction as an Interscope artist. Inevitably, the diaper stunt did pay dividends, earning him the coverage he was sorely lacking in the Carolinas.

Image via HNHH

So, when it came time to perform at Rolling Loud yesterday,DaBaby knew full well the crowd would be expecting nothing less than the spectacular, as he'd already raised the bar to such a high level (or low) of public mischief.

Even a local Broward County press was seemingly intrigued by his infantile get-up and wanted to know more on that end. "Who Is DaBaby, the Newest Addition to the Rolling Loud Lineup?" stood its ground in the main banner Palm Beach Times, when it could have just as easily been buried beneath an onslaught "Florida Man" coverage.

Nope, DaBaby didn't for a reprisal of the diaper gimmick at this year's Rolling Loud. Instead, he chose to throw literal pounds of marijuana into the crowd, all zipped up and ready to go. Whether he checked the lawbook or not, the stunt certainly worked to maximize his exposure on an opening card that also boasted the likes of Cardi B, Rick Ross, and YG. Those who witnessed it first hand, have estimated a weight limit of 30 to 100 pounds (of marijuana) being tossed by DaBaby throughout the set.