Due to unexpected occurrences, Iggy Azalea's Survive the Summer EP will no longer have CupcakKe joining her on the road and the "Quiz" rapper made the announcement on Twitter, leaving many fans disappointed. "Due to a change of plans, i unfortunately will no longer be able to attend tour with iggy. i’m grateful for the opportunity...and I'll be going on tour by meself when the album drops .... be looking out for dates .. thanks," she tweeted

The good news is that fans who purchased tickets to see her will get refunded, and she assured a fan that the last minute changes has nothing to do with her and Iggy. "It's just the people that put the tour together was a unorganized and keep changing the plans that was in the contract so I just called out," she wrote. "So once again you can grab a refund or go see the lady's show out."

“My style is how I feel about the moment,” CupcakKe previously stated. “If I feel sexual, if I wanna show my nipples, I do it. If I want to be all covered up and not showing nothing at all, I do it. It’s all on how I feel basically waking up that morning.”

Her solo tours bound to be lit.