This past weekend, Baker Mayfield was in the news for reasons that had nothing to do with football. The Cleveland Browns star was at a Cleveland Indians game and showed everyone just how good he is at shotgunning a beer. As you can imagine, the Indians posted the clip on Twitter and it eventually went viral. Funny enough, they also sent a light jab at Colin Cowherd who has been known to criticize Mayfield ad nauseam. Essentially, the Indians tried to predict that Cowherd would roast Mayfield for proving himself to be efficient in frat-boy antics.

Cowherd went on his television show today and talked about the clip as well as the trollish nature of the Indians. The FS1 host was actually pretty calm about it all and praised Mayfield for being such a perfect athlete for the city of Cleveland. While this may seem like some praise, there was certainly a hint of backhandedness behind it when you consider that Cowherd followed that up with a rant about how bad Cleveland is as a sports town.

"'Colin, what's your reaction to this?' Baker Mayfield is perfect for Cleveland," Cowherd said. "This is an organization where Peyton Hillis, a fullback, was a really big deal. They don't celebrate championships. They don't celebrate division titles."

Baker had yet to issue a response to Cowherd but based on their history, it's probably on the way.