It didn't take too long for City Girls' star JT to get accustomed to her new life. Watching her musical career grow from behind bars, the rapper was stuck in a tough spot. For over a year, she was forced to trust her partner Yung Miami to keep the City Girls name on people's tongues. Without access to social media, a studio, or anything in the outside world, JT practiced her writing skills and ensured that the moment she got out of prison, she would be ready to get back into it. Now that she's officially served her fraud sentence, she's back and already has a new song out. She's also showing fans just how comfortable she's getting with her newfound fame and status.

Some of her Quality Control teammates, including Atlanta's Lil Baby, are amazed at how quickly JT went from an orange jumpsuit to designer clothing and ice. We had already seen the chain that Yung Miami copped for her a few weeks ago but in her first photo out, JT looks to be wearing at least two handfuls of expensive necklaces. Each one of them is shinier than the last.

"God Damn How Many chains You Got," asked Baby in the comments. Fellow femcee Dreezy also showed love to the star, welcoming her back home and getting ready for her single release.

Have a listen to JT's new freestyle below and let us know if you're happy to see her back home.