If you’ve been living under a rock this past week, then you might not seen that the state of Texas is in a state of emergency right now as Hurricane Harvey whips through the state, causing massive destruction & water damage/flooding to pretty much the entire state, especially in the Houston area. So in efforts to help all those in need, comedian & actor Kevin Hart has started a new social media “challenge” called #HurricaneHarveyReliefChallenge, which found Mr. Hart asking his fans & celebrity friends to donate to the cause.

“Im challenging a lot of my celebrity friends to follow my lead & donating $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey, to the Red Cross” Kev said. “At this point, this is a serious matter. I think the people are in bad shape, and they need help. Im gonna lead the charge and stepping up in this way.” Kev added while tagging the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, The Rock, & Justin Timberlake to the post.

Thankfully, many of Kev’s celebrity friends have already followed in his steps in donating $25K to Red Cross, that being T.I., DJ Khaled, Wendy Williams, and Nicki Minaj to name a few. Hell, Chris Brown decided to go above & beyond the $25K and donate a whopping $100,000 to the cause.

“Hey whats up big bro, Kevin Hart. I accept your challenge. We need to come together so. Im donating a $100,000. So man this is for everybody out there in Texas for the relief and everything.” Chris said in his IG post.

With more celebrities expected to accept the challenge in the coming days, take a look at those who are early to the punch (below). If you yourself would like to donate something to the Red Cross, y'all can do that right here.