The death of Chinx has been unsolved for over two years. Yesterday, two men were arrested for the murder on Chinx. Both men were already serving time behind bars. New information has surfaced today pertaining to the motivation behind the murder and it's said to stem from envy.

NYPD Lieutenant Richard Rudolph, the Commanding Officer of the Queens South Homicide Squad, says both Quincy Homere and Jamar Hill were seeking vengeance when they killed Chinx due to an altercation that took place while all three were locked up, according to XXL report. In their report, Rudolph says Chinx and Homere, who was also trying to get his foot in the rap game, fought while the two were serving a bid on Rikers Island on September 27th, 2009. 

"We're not exactly sure what the fight was about but our perpetrator Quincy probably got the worst of it and he wanted to get back at Chinx," Rudolph told them, "When he saw Chinx's career starting to blow, he took it real personal and figured that his [own] career was going south... It just festered inside of him."

Chinx was behind bars from June 2005 to October 2008 on robbery and drug related charges. 

While the beef stemmed from a prison sentence, it was later revived in 2015 when Chinx was performing alongside French Montana, Uncle Murda and Neef Buck. Quincy would later show face at the event and get into a verbal dispute with Chinx which, according to Rudolph, would get him " blacklisted from the other rap stars."

After finding out Chinx would be performing in Brooklyn on May 16th, 2015, Homere and Hill pulled up to the Red Wolf Lounge venue. After Chinx performance, they followed him down Queens Boulevard to a hookah bar. The two spotted Chinx pulled up at a red light on 84th Drive, Rudolph says Homere fired his 9-mm into Chinx's vehicle and killed Chinx and wounded Coke Boys affiliate, Yemen Chee$e.

“Jemar Hill, he took part in the whole execution of Chinx... but there is only one shooter, and that is Quincy Homere,” Rudolph said. “They were just waiting for an opportunity. So they both acted in concert to kill this kid.”

The report says Hill and Homere are both charged with second-degree murder, second degree attempted murder, first degree assault and two count of second degree criminal possession of a weapon.