They were once good friends but after Charlamagne Tha God dubbed her "Anaconda" megahit "trash,"Nicki Minaj wasn't a happy camper. She would go on to say that The Breakfast Club host led a "hate train" against her, something that he would later deny. They engaged in an unfortunate back and forth in which Charlamange continued to say that he admired the singer. 

Their relationship does not seem to have been repaired because when asked during a recent interview what celebrity he'd like to mend fences with, he named the Queen of the Barbz.

Nicki Minaj
Kevin Winter/MTV1415 / Contributor / Getty Images

"What celebrity would I like to make amends with...probably Nicki Minaj," said Charlamagne. "Me and Nicki used to be super, we used to be really cool. Yeah, I was very vocal about not liking the 'Anaconda' record back in the day and, yeah, definitely, probably Nicki. I got a lotta respect for Nicki. What Nicki has done is unprecedented. She revitalized female Hip Hop over the past decade."

"All of these new artists, every single one of 'em from [Cardi B] to [Megan Thee Stallion], it's because of Nicki," he added. "Nicki opened that lane again. Yeah, probably Nicki." It' unclear how Minaj feels about this, but these two have been trading words for years. Listen to the clip of Charlamange's interview below.