In case you missed it, Nicki Minaj went on a social media rant yesterday that was reminiscent of a Kanye West/Donald Trump meltdown. The timeline is somewhat convoluted, but the drama seemingly began when DJ Akademiks reported that Travis Scott would remain at number one on Billboard's Hot 200 list. Minaj then commented on Akademiks post, calling his report "fake news." She continued on to send out a few sub-tweets aimed at Ak. Once the album sales were officially revealed, Ak's report was proven true, forcing Nicki to admit coming in second place. Instead of gracefully taking a back seat to Travis Scott's moment, Nicki began to lash out. 

Minaj used Spotify, sexism, Drake, Kylie Jenner, and Stormi to validate her twisted reality where she believes she earned the number one album anyway. After her social media outburst, Minaj claimed that she was just playing, although the damage was already done. On Monday morning (Aug. 20), Charlamange Tha God chose Nicki to be the Donkey of the Day due to her online freakout. 

"I'm just here to tell Nicki, No Travis does not know he doesn't have the number one album in the country, 'cause we're all looking at the same numbers you are," he joked in all seriousness. "He has the number one album in the country, you have the number two album in the country." Charlamange even brings up the fact that Nicki's last album, The Pinkprint, also debuted at number two. "Nothing your doing is Queen-like," he exclaimed. "Okay, let's just say all these people are to blame for you having the number two album in the country. Well, who's to blame for you having the number two album in 2015?"  Check out the full Donkey of the Day segment below.