Donald Trump's conduct last night was childish and arrogant, but that's exactly what we've come to expect from the President of the United States. He constantly spoke over Joe Biden and strayed away from the line of questioning, bringing up Biden's son Hunter's controversy despite it not being mentioned by the moderator. 

One of the most deplorable things that Trump did, or rather refused to do, was failing to condemn white supremacists and white supremacist groups inciting violence at anti-fascist events around the country. When he was asked if he would denounce those people, Trump told the Proud Boys hate group to "stand down and stand by", which they have taken as an encouragement to keep going and to be even more violent.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

While Trump and Biden have been making headlines for what they said last night, and what they didn't say, people also noticed something about Trump's appearance (besides his remarkably orange skin) that has left them laughing.

"What’s a Nice way to tell your president his tracks are showing??? Let’s discuss....." wrote Charlamagne Tha God on Instagram, posting a picture of the side of Trump's head, which allegedly shows a track for his wig. 

It's not too surprising for Trump to be wearing a hairpiece. While he will likely deny it if it ever comes up in conversation, the man has seemingly been insecure about his hair loss for a while, so for his tracks to be showing during the debate is not that shocking.

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