Working night and day on her debut album to make sure it ends up exactly as she wants it to be, Cardi B is looking forward to the release of Invasion of Privacy next week. While the rapper has not officially dropped an original song in months, that could all change tonight. With one tweet, Cardi had her fanbase going insane as she revealed just enough information to cause a whirlwind of anticipation. 

Cardi tweeted, "I hope ya up at Midnight ;)," hinting that something is on the horizon. With Rich The Kid dropping tomorrow and a surprise project from The Weeknd, Cardi is going up against stiff competition but the world has been craving to hear more of what she has to offer. While the details of whatever is happening at midnight are incredibly vague, the songstress has written that she is not referring to the long-awaited music video for "Bartier Cardi." While there is much speculation surrounding the post, a new single is arguably the most likely option.

She could be referring to anything; it can range from something as elaborate as an early album release to something as mundane as pre-order details. One thing is for sure though, we will be up at midnight to see whatever she has planned. What do you think Cardi B has up her sleeve?