Cardi B has been outspoken this year regarding her stance on the upcoming election, using her platform to support the Democratic Party and its candidate, Joe Biden. The rapper has spent time (virtually) with Biden to get his take on certain policies, voicing what she and her fans think are the most important things to act on should Biden be elected.

The Bronx native has a clear disdain for Trump. She wants to get him out of the White House and, throughout the last four years, she's been vocal about that. With Trump's COVID diagnosis coming at the end of last week, Cardi has had a lot to say. This morning, she came through with another joke about the President's health, comparing his struggle to breathe during a recent mask-less appearance to her smoking blunts as a teenager.

"Me when I was a teenager trying not to cough while cyphing blunts," captioned a video of Trump seemingly gasping for air as he showed off how strong and powerful he was by taking off his mask as he deals with COVID-19 before walking back into the White House.

Trump has been downplaying the impact of the coronavirus ever since the pandemic started so it's no surprise to see that, after catching it and knowing how many people its killed, this is how he presents his fight to the public.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Please go vote next month.