Cardi B is not going to sit back and let people attempt to cancel her, especially on the basis of something totally untrue. On Thursday (June 25th),  #CardiBIsOverParty started trending on Twitter after some users claimed to have uncovered a secret "Finsta" account (see: fake Instagram) called @notbudgethoe that was allegedly run by Cardi B, where the rapper was supposedly speaking ill of fellow female artists in the industry, including Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande and her former foe, Nicki Minaj. These trolls also claimed that Cardi's hairstylist, makeup artist, and sister Hennessy Caolina, as well as Lil Kim, followed the page.

cardi b #CardiBIsOverParty finsta rumours instagram fake cancelledDia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Cardi heard about these rumours and decided to go ahead and debunk them herself. She hopped on Twitter with the receipts, proving that the account is fake and all the screenshots and screen-recorded videos have been photoshopped and/or edited.

She later posted a video explaining the whole situation and insisting that she has no issues with any of the women mentioned. 

"I don't even have issues with none of these girls," Cardi stated. "I don't even know why you guys want me to have issues with these people so badly...I don't care if y'all tryna cancel me for something else, but don't make lies about me." She also clarified in some tweets that while she has tons of respect for Lil Kim, she doesn't have enough of a personal relationship with her for her to be following a supposed Finsta.

Despite her frustrations about people trying to make up lies about her and pit her against other women, Cardi did manage to have some fun with all the attention she was getting. Check out some of her reactions to this whole mess below: