Cardi fever erupts from the ground up, New York being the foundational rock. Tuesday night, Cardi B seckled down on Viacom/MTV headquarters for a taping of her TRL special. As you can see below, she had the streets in a headlock. Fans awaited her exit from the studio suite, in rows of tens and twenties. It's scenes like this which may have provoked Nicki Minaj to return to her desk. Consider Nicki Minaj as Sheriff Woody and Cardi B as the unwanted Buzz Lightyear, with new tricks up her sleeve.

As Cardi approached the sidewalk, the mob began to envelop her, as she attempted to enter her convoy. Cardi, realizing the great difficulty and an opportunity for good press, started signing autographs before squeezing through the passenger door. Cardi then skates off into confinement where she can safely report her Instagram diary entry to those interested.

Cardi may have been sporting a flowy outfit but there's no denying her pregnancy as fact. Cardi is scheduled to perform at Coachella with her baby bump, and has already bared all expenses to ensure her safety during the performance.

Cardi Mania is tantamount with Elvis eyeing his favorite audience member. You can't help but look straight in the eyes.

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