This was quite the news to wake up to. Last night, Cardi B shocked all her fans by announcing that she and Offset are getting a divorce, calmly saying that the two no longer feel love for one another. It was quite the declaration and many are confused about the legitimacy of it all. On one side, we're inclined to believe everything Cardi said in her video. After all, the information is coming directly from her mouth. There are no middlemen to dilute the content. On the other hand, Offset has an album coming out next week and this could just be a ploy to boost sales. That would be a shame but it's what some fans are leaning towards.

Regardless of what's real and what's false, it is still sad to hear the news of Cardi B and Offset heading to Splitsville. The two appeared to share a close bond, which now seems to have been devalued through her recorded message. Just the other day, Offset was hinting at a collaborative album with his wife and now, they're breaking up... Something seems off and fans are reflecting the same level of perplexion I'm currently experiencing.

Do we have a reason to be questioning the validity of this all? Probably not. In any case, we wish the best for both Cardi and Offset as they move forward and co-parent their daughter Kulture. Take a look at some of the strongest reactions below.