Cardi B is about to make her grand return tonight, teasing the release of her new single "WAP," which features Megan Thee Stallion. The cover artwork is some of the best we've seen this year, showing the two superstar rappers back to back, sticking out their tongues and making the exact same facial expression. The symmetry is on point. Hopefully, that means that their chemistry on record will also be there. Considering this is their first collaboration, the result is truly unexpected.

As we wait for the song's arrival at midnight, Cardi B has officially shared the alternate cover artwork, which will be on the cover of the limited-edition vinyl copy.

"New VINYL OUT NOW ON MY WEBSITE," wrote Cardi B, showing off the explicit alternate cover. The pink artwork shows Megan and Cardi from the back as they stand in a pool of water, wearing yellow and purple respectively. Neither of them is wearing anything up top and, down low, they're barely covered by g-string thongs. This is definitely a pretty hot cover.

Each copy of the vinyl will be signed by Cardi B, making it all the more special for her fans. We can guarantee that, with the way her supporters are reacting to the news of her return, her arm will be sore from writing out so many autographs.

What do you think of the alternate cover? Better than the original?