Many of the headlines that Busta Rhymes has graced this year have to do either with 50 Cent or his failed Fyre Festival. His neverending beef against the G-Unit frontman has reached new heights in 2018 with Fiddy alternating between Bus and Ja Rule, directing his negative energy towards one of the two. When it comes to Busta's jewelry, he's not fond of being called a fraud. When one fan decided to call him out for what they believed was a plastic chain, the artist put both his hands together and crafted a lengthy clap-back to defend his honor.

Busta showed off a photo of his chains hanging against his shirt when somebody decided to get a little snippy with him. "Shit fake," commented the fan. Busta snapped by assuring the hater that his chain was crafted using only the finest diamonds in the world. He wrote, "Damn it’s such a shame that low self esteem n***as like you don’t believe that beautiful and very precious gems like these can be truly acquired. Maybe it’s not part of your ancestral history. Please let me inspire you or STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY COMMENTS with your LOW AMBITION BUBBLE GUM ASS DOUBLE BUM ASS!!!!"

Sounds like Busta was in his feelings over the accusation. The man has been through a lot this year; let him be happy with his jewelry.