Boosie Badazz has no issues expressing his opinions, even if they're problematic. His stance when it comes to sexual assault in the cases of Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Russell Simmons, and Usher have been controversial but that hasn't stopped him from revisiting these topics. The rapper recently went on Instagram to defend Bill Cosby who's currently incarcerated for sexual assault crimes. However, Boosie believes that there's a racial bias in the case of Cosby in comparison to Harvey Weinstein who's currently awaiting trial.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"Ay check this out, y'all better wake up this racist ass motherf**kin' world," Boosie starts. "This armadillo lookin' bitch Harvey Weinstein been f**kin' people 100 days ago, and he can pay for all the shit he did, all the fuckin' rapes he done did, but Bill Cosby couldn't pay for his shit. The Jell-o man had the money. That show you it's a racist motherf**kin' world."

Boosie apparently doesn't realize that Weinstein is currently awaiting trial while Cosby's already been convicted. Nonetheless, he believes that Cosby should be free.

"Bill Cosby did that shit when he was 39." He continued, "This man did this shit a couple f**kin' days ago, and he get to pay his off. You know why? 'Cause he a white man."

Boosie didn't end there. He made sure to add a "Free Bill Cosby" at the end of his post.