This one was tough to watch. Boosie Badazz may have the respect of the entire hip-hop world, but his recent comments on Bill Cosby are aberrant. He has hinted in the past that he senses foul play in the Cosby rape allegations, but he went as far as to suggest the women were gunning for a wedding ring. While speaking with TMZ’s Raquel Harper, Boosie drops his confusing opinion on the situation while she scratches her head.

Boosie admitted that he's not out here yelling "Free Cosby," but he still doesn't trust the situation. "Celebrities is not taking pussy," Boosie stated. "So, it's hard for me to believe that these celebrities have to take pussy." His suggestion that celebrities do not have to work for or chase sexual interaction sounds more like a heavily biased opinion than a fact. We're sure Boosie has a line of ladies that can wrap around a corner, but that doesn't mean he should apply the same thinking to every situation.

"If Bill Cosby did that, he a sucker ass, weak ass, rich motherfucker," he continued. "They got some fucked up people in this world. But why you ain't been said nothing? I be feeling like if women don't say that from the jump, they was hoping for something."

"Nobody is hoping to get raped now," replied Raquel. After he clarified himself, Boosie continued. "They hoping to get Miss Cosby. Women be hoping to be number one baby. And they will keep silent until they figure they won't be number one."