Bobby V hasn’t had the best reputation or image after he was caught allegedly skipping out on a transgender prostitute last year without paying her, which he claimed was an extortion plot, but this story here definitely isn't going to help. According to TMZ, the R&B singer is a suspect in a rape case that allegedly happened last weekend in Georgia.

Police sources say the R&B singer was named by a woman who filed a police report in Cobb County, Georgia early Monday, March 19. They’re told the alleged rape occurred the day prior on Sunday (3/18). Little information is known about the incident, like where or what the circumstances were, but we do know Bobby does lives in the area. Cops say they have an open investigation into the case, so they're not saying anything & keeping details under wraps for now.

However, there's always two sides to every story and Bobby V’s reps are not only calling bullshit, but they’re also taking legal action "against what appears to be a weak yet calculated attempt to obtain financial gain through ulterior motives in the matter." The rep says the victim didn't directly ask for money from Bobby V, but everything she said is a lie. The rep reportedly added, "Bobby takes any allegation against women very seriously. However, false allegations damage true victims of sexual abuse."

This report surfaces just a couple weeks after Bobby released his Electrik album, featuring Snoop Dogg

We’ll keep you posted as more information on this story surfaces.

[Via TMZ]