Muhiyidin Moye, also known as Muhiyidind’Baha was a Black Lives Matter activist well known for jumping police tape last year to grab a Confederate Flag from a protester. Sad news has been reported that Muhiyidin was fatally shot in New Orleans this morning when he was riding a bike and someone shot him in his leg.

The incident took place around 1 am where Muhiyidin's niece, Camille Weaver, tells WCSC news that her uncle rode his bike five blocks to seek medical attention before he passed away. “He was transported to a hospital and subsequently died of his wounds,” New Orleans Police spokesman Beau Tidwell said. The shooting is currently being investigated and being ruled as a homicide. 

Muhiyidin was a leader of the BLM movement in Charleston, South Carolina and was very close to the family of Walter Scott, a black man who was also fatally shot by police officer Michael Slager in 2015.

"We are lost right now," Muhiyidin's sister Kimberli Duncan said. "But we are going to find our way. This was his passion, he did it from the heart he was loving he was funny, he was smart but it bothered him, the injustice just bothered him and it never rested well with him," she added. "He took it on as a personal battle."