TMZ has learned that a "Colin Kaepernick-inspired" lyric on the Madden 19 soundtrack has been suspended. Big Sean's verse on the YG track "Big Bank" had to be altered to meet EA's licensing agreement with the NFL & the NFLPA. The song will evidently retain its lyrical components outside of the game. Peep the lines below:

"Feed me to the wolves, now I lead the pack and shit
You boys all cap, I'm more Colin Kaepernick"

Although the game only hits stores (online or otherwise) as of next week, those who came into possession of an advance copy were quick to note the discrepancy. As evidenced by the video below, instead of demanding that Sean Don rework his verse, the measure just goes blank for half-a-second.

Even though the game offers licensed players the chance to appear as "Free Agents" during various integrated "season modes," Kaepernick did not appear in 2018 and is likely to miss out on the 2019 edition, unless he signs on with an NFL franchise between now and the final roster update. EA Sports did not comment on the omission, as has kept relatively quiet on the subject of politics in football. There's something to be said for Kaepernick's name becoming associative on a level of idiomatic description.