Our latest guest on Behind The Beat is Atlanta's Brandon Thomas, who just celebrated his 20th birthday. You may know him as the name behind the instantly recognizable "U Guessed It" beat. "U Guessed It" first appeared on Give Em Hell, a joint EP between OG Maco and Key!, and then Maco replaced Key! with 2 Chainz for the single release. The creepily simple piano melody has since been freestyled over by everyone from Lil Wayne to Big Sean. There's an interesting story behind the song that put OGG on the map. OG Maco has been quoted saying he slapped Brandon and forced him to give up the beat. Brandon's here to clear that up.

Brandon's creds run way deeper than "U Guessed It", though. He's done a number of other tracks with Maco and Key!, and he's produced for Trinidad James, Michael Christmas, and ManManSavage. On his birthday, he dropped the third installation of his Good Things Take Time mixtape series. You won't find a producer with a more diverse set of influences. Though many of his beats have stayed local, his dreams extend way beyond Atlanta.

I sat down with Brandon right before the release of Good Things Take Time Vol. 3. Brandon stopped by in the midst of a busy studio schedule, exhausted and weakened by his first NYC cold, though still buzzing from the fact that people are starting to get excited about his music. Brandon speaks about music in the abstract, and he rarely thinks about hip-hop, or any genre for that matter, while he's making a track. Though he's still trying to articulate his most inspired visions, it's rare to see such a young producer--in such a competitive game--so driven by innovation.