Over the course of the summer, we've seen the impact that "Bodak Yellow" had. While the song was everywhere over the summer, it wasn't until earlier in August that it made the massive jump on the Billboard 100. Since then, the record steadily climbed it's way to number 1. While the news of "Bodak" reaching number one only occurred this morning, a large chunk of people in the hip hop community have sent their congratulations to Cardi B. Nicki Minaj, Offset, Missy Elliot and many more hit up social media to give the Bronx rapper some love. However, Azealia Banks took to Twitter to do the complete opposite.

In her latest Twitter rant, Azealia Banks took aim at Cardi's recent accomplishment. She started off her rant by saying "I'm sorry. Black industry men are too hype for this Latina girl I've never seen them jump like this for remy or nicki." she continued, "Spinning this "for the culture" story when they are simply letting white men at Atlantic buy them into hating their own women"

After this, she targeted Charlamagne Tha God, "Charlemagne and black men in hiphop should have gotten me, remy AND nicki a number one before they gave cardi or iggy one" then continued to say, "But literally white guys buy black men away from black women and it's soo cringe."

Eventually one of her fans mentioned the fact that Cardi B is indeed a black woman but Azealia rebutted that. She responded to the person saying, "She's only black when black want to include themselves in a success story."

She ended up throwing more shade towards Cardi B after a fan dug up tweets from a few months back that were pretty supportive of the "Bodak Yellow" emcee. After someone began to quote her tweets to prove that she was at one point down for Cardi B, she said "Because I thought she was going to be a Latina hottie and not a poor mans nicki. It went the other way now I'm over it," and replied to the tweet saying "I wanted spicy Latina and she gave me poor mans nicki."

You could read the tweets below: