Asian Doll is taking a break from social media, deactivating Instagram and Twitter after she got into a heated spat against Nikita Dragun, a YouTuber who identifies as a trans woman. In Nikita's new song and video, she includes a photo of Asian Doll wearing an outfit that Nikita previously wore herself, calling out the rapper. Shortly after, Asian dragged Nikita, which didn't necessarily upset anybody. However, she continually chose to misgender Nikita, using "he/him" pronouns for her, and that pissed a whole lot of people off with reason.

"Nikita will get dragged by his bald head," said Asian on Twitter. "What do they call boys that pick on girls? Bullying." 

When somebody challenged Asian and told her that she was being transphobic by misgendering Nikita, she responded, saying, "I'm wide awoke I love transgenders & they love me that boy seem like a angry racist cause a transgender has never come for me ever."

Prince Williams/Getty Images

After both of them started trending -- with Nikita's name up there for multiple reasons -- Nikita gave Asian the response that she was begging for.

"Respectfully [Asian Doll], this statement was to show that Trans women set THE trends for cis gender females," she wrote. "Yet never get the credit. This was not meant to be shady towards u. U just happened to be an example."

Because of this drama, it seems as though Asian Doll has decided to steer clear from social media for a while, hopefully using the time to educate herself on how hurtful it is to purposefully misgender somebody after they've made their pronouns clear.