As you might have heard, Ariana Grande's 5th studio album dropped at the stroke of midnight, and seemingly out of nowhere has made an innocuous album outro, "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored," a major sticking point - so much so that fans are busy speculating over the song's male subject, be it Mac Miller, Pete Davidson, or even Big Sean. And by the looks of it, Ariana Grande fans seem to agree: Big Sean must be the focus of her new single.

At least one of the theories purporting "Big Sean" as the main focus, is centered around his relationship with Jhene Aiko, and the assumption that Ariana Grande would prefer casual sex with a known commodity. But to play devil's advocate for one minute, Ariana Grande did openly state that  "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" was but a last-minute addition to the album, come deadline day. 

"I added a fun one (lol) to replace one that i decided i don’t think wanna share w the world. so we back to twelve tracks. i appreciate u understanding in advance," she told her Twitter followers on the eve of deadline day.

Other theorists believe a "John Doe" character with no prior relations (or baggage) with Grande is actually the subject of the video single. As the video comes to a close, Riverdale actor Charles Melton watches as two women are about to lock lips, possibly insinuating that a bidding war of some kind is about to occur (in Ariana's personal life). Be on the lookout, Ariana Grande certainly wears her emotions on her sleeve.