As part of Future's rollout for The WIZRD, a documentary was released about his life over the last few years. Production was handled by Mass Appeal and plenty of interviews were conducted about the iconic Atlanta rapper. Tons of familiar faces can be seen in the Apple Music exclusive with Drake, Young Thug, Metro Boomin and DJ Khaled all making appearances. One of the more interesting conclusions reached in the doc comes from the mind of a fellow legend in André 3000. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The OutKast rapper and Fewtch have collaborated in the past on "Benz Friends" and Three Stacks had nothing but praise for his fellow ATLien. He noted during his appearance that Future's music stands out to him because it's filled with emotion. In what can easily be perceived as a double-handed compliment, 3K said the following: "Me and my son, we Future fanatics man. And we sit and listen to it, and I said, ‘Man, Future makes the most negative inspirational music ever.' The shit he’s talking about could kill a man in a week, but at the same time, if you’re saying, ‘I’m flying first class flights on these pussy n***as,’ it’s like that’s a celebration, we made our own money."

André reflects on how Pluto went from being just Rico Wade's cousin to a superstar in his own right. The WIZRD documentary is out now, looking back on the last few years of Future's life.