While the prospect of new music from Anderson .Paak is very exciting, there isn't too much that we actually know about his new album. The title of the project, Oxnard Ventura, was only revealed when a faded Dr. Dre accidentally let it slip during a live stream that Paak was recording. Besides his explosive lead single, "Bubblin," the rest of the project is still unknown.

Well, it seems that we wont have too long to wait in order to hear the album, at least, according to .Paak himself. On Instagram yesterday, Paak posted a series of tour dates for his upcoming international tour, but part of the caption gives some strong hints as to the release date of the album.

"OH SH*%! LAST RUN BEFORE THE ALBUM DROPS?!," Paak wrote in the Instagram caption. The last stop on Paak's tour, in Tokyo, Japan, is on the 31st of July, meaning that in all likelihood, Oxnard Ventura will be coming out this August.

Of course, this isn't exactly confirmation. .Paak could mean a time even later than that if he's not planning on touring for the month of August. That being said, it's be strange for him to take a whole month off with a finished album in his pocket, and August is already going to be a big month for rap with the release of Nicki Minaj's Queen. Hopefully we get an actual confirmation from Paak in the near future.

Check out Anderson .Paak's tour dates and album hint in the post below.