It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, the exuberance simply takes hold and cannot be tamed. It would appear that the legendary Dr. Dre was brimming with joie de vivre during a recent studio session with Anderson .Paak. In case you haven't been paying attention, Paak and Dre have emerged as one of hip-hop's essential bromances, with both artists genuinely enjoying the art of crafting an album together. It truly is something to behold, and if the remainder of Paak's project can equal the magnificent "Bubblin," the game is in for something special.

While many have been speculating on said project's title, it would appear that Dr. Dre has officially let the cat out the bag. In a video caught by Reddit's hiphopheads, Paak and Dre seemed to be enjoying a particularly faded studio session, which found the Good Doctor in rare form. Hijacking the stream, Dre proceeded to lay down a public service announcement worthy of Slim Shady. "Hey listen," he says, pulling Paak into an embrace. "Real artist. Real musicianship. Shit is crazy. Check his album, it's coming out soon, Oxnard Ventura."

Paak immediately lets out some genuinely stunned laughter, while a confused women asks "wait what?" in the background. The clip ends shortly thereafter. In truth, it's all rather endearing, and now that we have a probably title, we can get the hype rolling in an official capacity. Stay tuned for Oxnard Ventura. 

Anderson .Paak and Dr Dre were faded in the studio and Dre slipped .Paak’s new album title, ‘Oxnard Ventura’ from r/hiphopheads