Amber Rose and her boyfriend AE have taken things to the next level after she introduced him to her family this Christmas. The happy couple made their dating debut back in October calling each other "twins" detailing how after meeting in 2015, now has seemingly been the right time to make things official. "I wish we could have been together this whole time. From the day I met you in 2015, it just wasn't the right time for us I guess, but now ur allllll miiiiine Twin!" Amber wrote.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Now that a few months have gone by it looks like Amber brought Alexander home to get the official approval from her family and by the looks of the photo she shared on her Instagram, he looks to be fitting in quite perfectly. 

According to reports, Amber met Alexander through Tyga who dated her former best-friend Blac Chyna. Amber and Blac seemingly don't talk anymore after a blowout fight (that no one really knows the details too) but they're bound to cross paths at some point. 

In other Amber news, she recently shared just how much she misses her stripper days and earning money by dancing on a pole. "I wish I earned it at the strip club clapping my ass," she wrote, discussing her casino win. "I miss the pole, the smell, the feel of it, the money falling on my body and the reaction I use to get as I walked on stage. Sometimes I wish I could go back but now I just clap my ass in the privacy of my own home."