Amber Rose, fondly known as Muva by her fans, has never been one to shy away from speaking her truth - no matter how uncomfortable it might make some people feel, or how many people she may offend. The model and entrepreneur has recently been making headlines for appearing at her annual transnational protest march, SlutWalk, with a new beau in tow. The blonde haired man was immediately identified as Alexander Edwards, a Def Jam Records executive.

Rose was criticized for the move with commentators on social media being quick to point out that not too long ago, Rose was in a relationship with Denver Nuggets baller, Monte Morris. One Instagram user wrote, "Damn. I just got over her and 21 Savage. Now she dating a new dude when I ain't even got use to The Monte Morris dude," while another shared, "I literally blinked my eyes, and she was in a new relationship ." Amber's assistant and close friend Isaiah Jospeph came to Rose's defense reminding readers that she has never been one to abide by convention. "She's not afraid of love," he wrote. "She also doesn't settle." 

In a comment left on one of Edwards' pictures, Amber revealed that she would have like to have begun dating the executive earlier. "I wish we could have been together this whole time," she wrote. "From the day I met you in 2015, it just wasn't the right time for us I guess, but now ur allllll miiiiine Twin!" she continued. 

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