Amber Rose is no longer relegated to just being known as Kanye West's ex-girlfriend. The activist, entrepreneur, and mother of two has levelled up her life exponentially since she first burst onto the scene, intriguing audiences with her avant-garde look. Sporting a buzzcut throughout her days, Rose has been linked to Wiz Khalifa, 21 Savage, and record label executive Alexander "AE" Edwards, who she has one child with. This weekend, the star found herself in headlines after she made a public appearance, turning heads with a shocking new tattoo on her forehead. Nobody was quite certain if it was permanent but, as it turns out, the ink is there to stay and the model is showing it off proudly.

The latest addition to Amber Rose's heavily-tattooed body comes by way of a massive forehead tattoo of her two sons' names, Bash and Slash. Confirming the permanence of the markings, the former dancer took to social media to share close-up images of the tattoos, joking about them in her caption. "When ur Mom lets you draw on ur Barbie," she wrote, hashtagging the names of her babies. 

Amber Rose wasn't alone in getting some new ink on her face. Her boyfriend AE also copped similar tats on his forehead, getting both of Rose's sons' birthdays added to his face. Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, nicknamed Bash, is Wiz Khalifa's kid with Amber but AE still wanted to show love even though they're not yet married.

What do you think of the new tattoos? Swipe below to see AE's face ink.