Alex Todd Ices Out Jay-Z & Rihanna With Their Most Expensive Watches; Hear His Stories

Alex Zidel
August 29, 2019 12:00

Alex Todd is a perpetual hustler. Learn about his story on "The Plug."

You don't often get to hear about the behind-the-scenes folks that have impacted the hip-hop community for the last few decades. Ice is a huge part of the game and since basically every single rapper talks about their most exclusive pieces on wax, we figured we'd meet up with one of the most iconic men in the celebrity jewelry game: Alex Todd. The Brooklyn native has been around for a minute and he's developed relationships with some of the biggest stars in the world. We're talking folks like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kevin Hart, and more. After having spoken to Eric Da Jeweler last year for The Plug, we chatted with Alex to hear his stories about how he reached this level of notoriety.

When it comes to the wildest pieces he's ever sold, many of them have gone to his close friend Jay-Z. Having grown up in Brooklyn, Todd was a big fan of the rapper and now that he actually knows him and can chop it up with the legend when he needs business advice, the jeweler feels like he's on top of the world. Speaking on the chains and watches he's made for Hov, Alex Todd singled out the infamous 5-kilo Cuban Link chain from a few years ago. Todd also says that out of Jay's extensive watch collection, most of the rarest pieces are from him. "He's got probably the most expensive Patek Philippe that's being produced right now. He definitely has the most expensive Richard Mille ever produced. He's got a really exquisite collection," he said of Jay. 

Considering the fact that Alex Todd has provided jewelry to a large portion of the industry, it's difficult for him to recall some of the most extravagant pieces he's ever made but a recent one that got a lot of attention was Jay-Z's Richard Mille. 

A perpetual hustler, Alex Todd has always been several steps ahead of everybody else on what's about to pop. He ended up in the same career path as his mother, taking a liking to jewelry after never believing he'd end up in this field. Nowadays, he's still icing out your favorites but he's also making heavy moves in the cannabis industry with Saucey Extracts. Weed started out as a passion project for him but when he realized that his knowledge of the plant could take him even further, he decided to just go for it. Now, he operates a successful cannabis company, working with legends like Jim Jones of Dipset on the exclusive CAPO Blunt, a current best-seller.

On their partnership, Jones has said: "I smoke the best, so it only made sense that I partner with the best. The way people look at cannabis culture is changing – there's a lot of medical and creative benefits to these plants – so there’s an opportunity for us to do something special with Saucey Extracts and change the game."

Anybody that wants to head into the cannabis or jewelry industries should definitely watch the video above because Alex Todd comes through with some solid advice on starting a grow, managing employees, and so much more. Learn from one of the best on the latest episode of The Plug.

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