Fans clowned Akon to no end for actually going ahead and collaborating with 6ix9ine, after the rapper posted a clip of them vibing to their unreleased song "Locked Up Part 2," a remix of Akon's 2006 track of the same name. It's no secret how Akon feels about 6ix9ine, as the singer has defended his snitching ways on multiple occasions, insisting that he would've done the same thing. The two of them were even supposed to go head-to-head for a hit battle last month, but it never panned out. Akon might be one of the only artists in the industry that still associates themselves with 6ix9ine—at least publicly—so it should come as no surprise that the two of them are working together, but for some reason, it still does.

6ix9ine posted the clip of the two of them previewing the remix on Sunday (June 7th), and it didn't take long for fans to pass judgement on Akon for his questionable choice of a collaborator. 6ix9ine's curious rainbow wig was also a big point of focus, for obvious reasons.

What do you think about these two collaborating together?