Earlier in the week, Tory Lanez performed a show at Toronto’s York University and a few clips soon surfaced of what appeared to be Lanez being engulfed in the sea of fans in an instance that led many to believe that the singer and rapper was being physically attacked by the crowd.

As these clips made their rounds, specifically onto the The Shade Room’s Instagram page, Lanez stepped into the comment section to explain that his fans would never do him any harm and that he was not jumped as everyone has assumed. “My fans would never group up and try to fight me,” he penned. “I crowd surf every night with no security ..if they were gunna [sic] jump me I’d be jumped at this point .”

He does have a point, though. We’re no stranger to the wild sets that Lanez is known for at this point, never failing to climb the highest of structures and using his fans’ hands as a roadmap as he navigates his way above crowd at every show. However, it’s clear to see where one would assume that Tory was involved in an altercation at the York show as the various clips show an individual in a red hoodie presumably being belligerent with Tory Lanez, and shouting obscenities. Another clip shows what appears to be the “Skrt Skrt” rapper throwing punches into the crowd.



Currently, we’re waiting on the vocalist’s forthcoming sophomore studio album, an effort that, in a series of tweets, he revealed is done and will be released once its cleared and has accompanying artwork. “So proud of the music on the album,” he previously tweeted.

“No lie I freestyled my whole first album. Now the pen is back on paper ..my day1 fans know what i mean. I really forgot how nice I am with a pen and paper .. WOW .. album 2 is not a fuck around ting.”

Lanez’s debut I Told You arrived around this time last year (give or take a month or two), with a notable debut at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. No word yet on when the newest outing gets here or what it’s even called, but it’s good to know that his fandom hasn’t turned him (yet).


Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Says He Was Not Jumped During Show at York University