A while back, Toronto based fan-favorite Tory Lanez promised he would be entering album rollout mode in late September. Luckily for us, it appears that Tory is a man of his word. Over the course of the past two weeks, Tory Lanez has delivered two new singles, the furious anthem “Shooters,” and the seductive sex jam “Skrt Skrt.” While the tracks are vastly different in both sonic aesthetic and theme, they serve as a reminder of Tory’s versatility, hinting that the rapper’s upcoming project may showcase his the many facets of his musical personality. Now, Tory has announced his intentions on keeping the combo-streak alive, announcing a brand new single with Future dropping next Friday. 

While we don’t know much about this track, save for the fact that it’s called “Real Thing.” Out of all his recent releases, “Real Things” will be his first collaboration with an A-list rapper, and Future should no doubt come through on a featured verse. As far as Tory’s album, the rapper confirmed in an exclusive HNHH interview that the album won’t be featuring any samples, and better yet, there will be “bars.” Ultimately, Tory’s early album drops have been consistently raking up that VERY HOTTT user rating, so if it’s any indication, the fans are loving the direction of Lanez’ most anticipated project yet.

What do ya’ll think? Is this Future collaboration something you’re looking forward to? Or do you feel like Tory is better off rolling solo? Either way, “Real Things” drops next Friday, October 6th, and there’s no reason to believe that his album won’t follow shortly thereafter. Check out the original post below, and be sure to check out Tory’s latest cut if you haven’t already.


Tory Lanez & Future

Tory Lanez' New Single With Future Is Dropping Next Friday