Drake, despite having his differences with Meek Mill, has called for his freedom, according to a video posted by Drake fan page Word On Road. In the clip, which is said to be from his show in Melbourne Saturday, Drake can be heard commenting on the clothing of his fans, a tradition he’s kept up since at least 2013. Eventually, he sees a fan wearing a Free Meek Mill shirt, presumably the OVO-designed shirt that was made during Meek’s incarceration in 2014. “I see you got the Free Meek Mill shirt,” he said. “Free Meek Mill too, for real. You right.”


Earlier this month, Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years of jail time due to violating his probation. Meek’s lawyer has argued that the judge who sentenced Meek is biased against the rapper. Meek violated his parole when he was arrested on two separate occasions in 2017. However, in both cases, the charges were dropped. He has since been granted a bail hearing, but will face the same judge who first sentenced him. As well as many others, Jay-Z has condemned the criminal justice system for Meek’s unfair treatment.

Drake and Meek Mill’s issues began when Meek publicly called Drake out for not writing his own rhymes. The call-out was in reference to their collaborative track “Rico,” which was co-written by Quentin Miller, a rapper who cowrote multiple songs on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Drake and Meek eventually exchanged diss tracks, including Drake’s “Back To Back,” which became a very popular song. Earlier this year, Meek revealed he still listens to the diss track as motivation. Since their issues flared up, the two have not publicly made amends.

This is not the first time Drake has made headlines on his Australian tour. In Sydney, he called out a fan who was touching women in the crowd inappropriately. “If you don’t stop touching girls I’mma come out there and fuck you up,” he can be heard saying in a clip from the show.

Earlier this month, new music from Drake reportedly leaked online. The rapper released his “playlist” More Life over the summer.