Action Bronson is a rapper who has been living large so far this year. With a new albumnew cookbook and TV hosting gig to his name, his schedule may be packed but, if there’s an opportunity to sample some fine French cuisine in your downtime, you make like the rapper and take it. His experience touring the city of Paris while eating and drinking like a king has been documented in the new video From Paris With Love (Part Deux), which is available through the Munchies network on YouTube.

Pairing with his pal Clovis once again, Bronsolino sampled the best of Paris, beginning at Les Arlots with chef Thomas Brachet, who makes them a delicious-looking octopus dish, among other things. Afterwards, Bronson is invited by chef Betrand Grebaut to help cook a massive turbot fish with lard and a fresh pea caviar beur blanc. The sizzling of the seafood on the searing surface is bound to make everyone’s mouth water. Finally, the rapper and his companion end off their day at Septime to indulge in some oysters, charcuterie and yet another high-quality dining excursion. If he’s making a habit of eating the finest food the world has to offer, one can only hope that he’s taking applications to be his ride along during the next scheduled trip.

It turns out that the hip-hop world isn’t the only entertainment domain that appreciates Bronson’s obsession with food. Hollywood icon Harrison Ford recently admitted that he was a fan of the rapper’s work on F**k, That’s Delicious.  In an interview with GQ, Ford showed his support for Bronsolino’s Vice show, much to the disbelief of the interviewer. That exchange went as follows:

‘Do you ever watch ViceVice television?’ [Ford] asks me.

‘Not so often. You do?’

‘Well, they’ve got a show called F**k, That’s Delicious.’

‘How do you even know about that?’

‘Well, I met one of the correspondents at my son Malcolm’s apartment.’ (Malcolm is his third son.) ‘He was sleeping on the couch. Very, very smart guy. And so I started watching it, and it’s really, really interesting. Some of it. Just, you know, a distracting and interesting glimpse into somebody else’s world.’

You can watch From Paris With Love (Part Deux) in its entirety below.

Action Bronson

Watch Action Bronson Eat & Drink In Style In "From Paris With Love (Part Deux)"