If you’ve found yourself watching more Joe Budden than ever before, you’re not alone. The rapper turned Everyday Struggle host has been making headlines all year, especially after finding himself embroiled in a beef with Migos, who seem intent on keeping the tension alive. Regardless, that hasn’t stopped Joe Budden from continuing to drop harsh takes, including his soon-to-be iconic phrase “it’s trash!” And while he may be a little too liberal with the “trash” label at times, his latest consensus is a particularly interesting one, given his previous history with Eminem.

On both the Joe Budden Podcast and Everday Struggle, Joe has taken a bit of heat for an unwillingness to criticize anything Eminem does, in light of his relationship with Shady Records. Even when pressed about some of Em’s more divisive tracks, Joe has often opted to give non-answers, and generally diverted from the questions. Today, however, he found himself targeting Eminem’s “Untouchable,” calling it “one of the worst records [he’s] ever heard.” 

The discourse began during a debate about whether or not Big Sean’s Double Or Nothing was trash, when Mal put Joe on blast for hating on Sean while giving Em a pass. This led to Joe sounding off on Em’s latest single, in order to dispel the ongoing narrative. “I don’t care if there’s good rapping on there…When that album comes out, if it’s fuckin’ trash, I’ma be the first n***a to call it trash…That shit he doin’ is trash, and that Big Sean album is trash!” 

Suffice it to say, the word trash has never been said more in a single minute. Still, despite what some of his more vocal haters have to say, Joe Budden is actually a refreshing voice in the hip-hop community. What say you? Is Joe Budden speaking facts, or is his opinion on this one trash??? The rant kicks off around the 1 hour and seven minute mark below.

Joe Budden / Em

Joe Budden On Eminem's "Untouchable": "One Of The Worst Records I've Ever Heard"