Danielle Bregoli’s career has been controversial, to say the least. After her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil, she’s been a viral sensation and has used that as a way to garner more attention. At only 14 years old, her “Bhad Babie” rap persona has landed her a record deal with Atlantic Records. Prior to entering the rap game, she began associating herself with other rappers such as Youngboy Never Broke Again and Kodak Black, who are also signed to Atlantic. Her father, Ira Peskowitz, recently revealed that he’s concerned about her ties to these rappers.

In an interview with UNILAD, Ira spoke to them about his daughter’s recent signing to Atlantic Records.

“I’m always in it for Danielle to do the right thing. Atlantic Records, I’m not very impressed because of the other people who they have in regards to the people she hangs out with such as NBA Young Boy and Kodak Black who have got extensive career criminal pasts that are very violent in nature.” he says, “Why would her mother allow her to hang out with a guy so violent like Kodak Black, even the crimes he committed against others.”

He continued to say that his worry about her association to Kodak Black stems from a Skype where he told her how to have sex.

“He’s the one who Skyped with Danielle and talked to her, telling her how to have sex with a guy who was coming over. People watch that, and they’re making money off of it.” He says.

Aside from his concern over her association to Kodak Black, he also says he’s concerned about her overall safety. He says that he’s concerned of “retaliation” of possible drive-by shootings.

“The biggest fear obviously is, besides her psychological and emotional well-being from being around these people and being exposed to their drugs, their cursing, their sex, I’m really concerned about retaliation. Of possible drive-bys, possible violence.” He said.

He also goes onto mention that she’s in a vulnerable position in her life and she’s willing to bond with anyone who shows her any level of care.

“Danielle bonds with anybody who shows any type of care for her… including her mother, left behind, kicked her out of school. When someone comes and puts their arm around her, she’s so vulnerable, she just opens up to them.” he said.

You could watch the whole thing below: