XXXTentacion is a rapper who has been making headlines consistently as of late, for both good and bad reasons. The start with the positive, his debut LP, 17, has sold well so far and has his profile soaring, with some big collaborations rumored to be coming down the release pipeline sooner rather than later. He’s also continued to grow his online following, building up a fan base that is unequivocally supportive of the controversial music personality. However, there has also been a fair share of unsettling news items that have been brought to the fore about the Florida rapper. Allegations of domestic abuse from a former girlfriend have made many listeners uncomfortable and yesterday, he put even more people off with his startling new look. Now, he’s sharing a cryptic follow-up message that only stirs the pot more.

“Humans fear what they don’t understand – always and forever.” That was the phrase that XXXTentacion uttered in a video that he shared on social media late yesterday, which has led to a quizzical response from many people who interacted with him online. There are some who applauded him for speaking his mind and offering up some sort of “truth,” but there were far more people who joined the conversation to drag the emcee over his ill-advised attempt to get “deep.” There was even speculation in the comments section for the video embedded above that some sort of satanic possession is the cause of X’s erratic behavior in recent weeks. While that theory seems like a long shot at the very least, there’s no denying that some undeniably eerie vibes are currently emanating from anything the young hip-hop artist says or does at the moment.

His carefully altered appearance, with grey-colored hair and his eyebrows shaved off, was part of this atmospheric construction as well, with many Internet users and hip-hop heads tuning in because of the shock value. In music, it’s usually a good idea to separate the art and the artist, but somehow that task seems more difficult for fans and, to a greater degree, detractors of XXXTentacion and his music.