Juicy J is known for having very colorful lyrics. Since the beginning of his career in 1991, the Memphis rapper, songwriter and record producer always brings heat that either puts you in the mood to turn up, workout or, more importantly, get money. With popular lyrics that even your mom might recall: “Bend it over, Juicy J gon’ poke it like wet paint,” “You say no to ratchet pussy, Juicy J can’t,” and “I’ma keep it real, that re up money gon’ get you killed,” he’s proven to be a hood lyrical genius. His lyrics, of course, have even helped win an Academy Award for Best Original Song back in 2005 with “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from the film Hustle and Flow.

If there’s one thing you can always rely on Juicy J for, it’s being consistently himself and typically that aligns with one specific mood: stacking paper and getting high. In honor of the release of Highly Intoxicated, predominantly produced by SuicideBoys, we have compiled a list of Juicy’s top 11 most ratchet lyrics lifted from the new mixtape. Artists like break-out star Cardi B and OG Rick Ross, who are also known to deliver some intense vulgarity from time to time, bring their flavor and style to the mixtape as well. If you’re not already a Juicy J fan, you can at the very least, find some motivational verses on this list to get you through your work day or your work out (depending). Get ready to feast your eyes on some nasty text and don’t be surprised if you find yourself mouthing the words by the end of the day. Because what’s a Juicy J cut without a graphic verse? Let us know what you think.



Yeah, suck my balls, lick my nuts
Pop this Xan, hit this dust
I know how to fuck, I’m never gon’ bust
In these hoes, I’m never gon’ trust
Pour Champagne on all these sluts
Head so good, gotta keep in touch
Throw that wood, till I drive the bitch nuts
I put it in her guts
She keep beggin’ me to hit it raw
I outline that pussy in chalk
Hold my dick, a deadly weapon

Perhaps the nastiest record of the lot, we could basically include both Juicy J and Cardi B’s full verses here, but we’ll just give you a glimpse of what to expect with Juicy’s opening verse

“Highly Intoxicated”

I got a bitch in the trap
No, she don’t pray, but she like to get on her knees
You know a nigga got needs
I make her bag up the weed
If she try steal it, I kill her
Bitch, don’t you try to play me

Juicy is a savage, as he clearly details on the album’s opening track.

“Bitch from the Gram”

Ratchet house party with the lights off
I can smell her pussy all night, dawg
All the hoes fuckin’ in here, all the hoes fuckin’ they friends
You better keep the lights off

I can only hope to never attend a party like this. If you have to keep the lights off you know it’s ratchet.

“Dope Fiend

I got bars like Rikers Island
Where I’m from, them niggas wiling
I got bread, that dough be piling
I get high, I need a pilot
Know the plug like an extension
I know shit that I can’t mention
I make money like an invention
And I’m free like O.J. Simpson

The average day for Juicy is considered the most-turnt for the average person.


White girls on a lot of blow, that’s a lot of snow
Bitches love to bust it open, that’s just what you gotta know
You ain’t tryna pop it hoe, bitch you know you gotta go

On a song titled “Freaky,” you know you’re about to get some classically-ratchet lines.

“D’Usse & Ciroc”

I got lean up in my pot
I mix that shit up in the pot
VVS for all my rocks
I got love for all my thots

I mean can cooking lean in a pot in the kitchen get any more hood?

“Big Tymer”

Ten in the morning, I wake up counting money
Then go to the club and we turn up on a Monday
What can I say, I make more dough than a funnel cake

It is most definitely ratchet behavior when your alarm clock consists of you counting stacks and you’re getting lit in the club on Monday.

“Dat’s What I Thought”

I know some niggas been trapping for half of they life and they rich and they never got caught
I know some bitches is fucking ’bout every rapper in the city
I never go wrong
I know some bitches that’s popping they pussy
Run up a check and they bring it right to me

Its a hard knock life.

“Watch Money Fall”

Watch the cash jump out, you look like a Kardashian
You got ass like Kylie
You might even be finer
You know I’ma Big Tymer
You the baddest thing I done found inside Ace of Diamonds

This song’s intro is a chorus of Project Pat repeating “ass and titties,” with Juicy J leading with: “I stopped going to the stripclub a long time ago, because, um, I just invite the bitches to my crib, yeah.” So, yeah.

“Always High”

I ain’t got no job, smoke weed out the jar
Most niggas gotta rob cause the
President don’t fick with us
That’s why we gotta roll one up
Smoking weed with your broad
In her panties, in her bra tryna get a nigga hard
I just hit third base like a baseball game
Your bitch ridin’ now she ain’t yours mane

Juicy and Wiz actually trade bars here, and Juicy even gets a little political here, but it is only fitting that getting high is always the solution. 

“Get Back”

Louis this, Gucci that
When you a rich nigga, you can mismatch
Most these niggas that flex be broke, I don’t understand, I don’t get that
All on the ‘Gram, showin’ niggas what you told ’til the nigga come through and blow your shit back
One shot to the dome, brains on the ground where your feet at

This is actually insightful Juicy J, but still pretty ratchet.

Juicy J

Juicy J "Highly Intoxicated" 11 Most Ratchet Lyrics