Freeway Ricky Ross Reveals He Allegedly Owes Rick Ross $1 Million

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3rd Annual Rick Ross Car & Bike Show
FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA - JUNE 1: Rapper Rick Ross (William Roberts) at the Promise Land for the 3rd Annual Rick Ross Car & Bike Show on June 1, 2024 in Fayetteville, Georgia. (Photo by Julia Beverly/Getty Images)
Freeway Rick Ross and his hip-hop counterpart had a legal battle over a decade ago due to the rapper's name, and it might not be over.

Freeway Ricky Ross' recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience contained a lot of emotional, reflective, and also salacious moments, especially as it relates to his hip-hop counterpart... in name only. Moreover, he spoke on the legal battle that ensued between him and Rick Ross over the rapper using his namesake as his stage moniker, which went down a bit over a decade ago between 2012 and 2013. The former drug kingpin also claimed that the Maybach Music Group disappears whenever he's around, as if he's actively ducking smoke. Regardless of what's going on currently or what was avoided in the past, Freeway Ricky Ross had some interesting reflections on what did happen between them in court.

"He was a corrections officer… but when he got some money, they all forgot about it," Freeway Ricky Ross said of Rick Ross' trajectory. "You got gangsters doing records with him… people who say they hate snitches doing records with the police officer. Anytime I’m around, he disappears." Previously, during an AllHipHop interview, Freeway claimed that Rozay actually went to visit him in prison to ask for his blessing to use his name, and used it anyway when the Texas native denied him.

Freeway Ricky Ross Speaks On Rick Ross During His JRE Appearance

As such, as a result of all this, Freeway Ricky Ross sued Rick Ross for $10 million but lost given his criminal history, a background that also prevented him from trademarking his name. "I owe them a million dollars," Freeway said of the "Champagne Moments" MC's legal team. "Got a million-dollar judgment against me because I had to pay their legal fees." "How would you take my name and not have the decency to ask me? He won’t even admit that he stole the name," he added elsewhere on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Meanwhile, we know that Rick Ross does avoid smoke from time to time, such as lyrical smoke from The Game. The L.A. rapper launched the "Freeway's Revenge" diss against The Biggest Boss, which seems even more of an apt title with this recent Joe Rogan interview in mind. But he seems happy with his car show, his hits, and his social media trolling, so we'll see if this ever changes. We'll also see if Freeway ever really gets revenge when it comes to his name.

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