Bun B Sheds Tears While Testifying About His Wife Getting Robbed At Gunpoint

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This incident happened to Bun B and his wife Angela "Queenie" Walls back in 2019, and the rapper stated that it still affects them every day.

Bun B recently appeared in court to testify against the guilty-pleading aggravated robber who held his wife Angela "Queenie" Walls at gunpoint inside their home back in April 0f 2019. Moreover, his testimony went on for about 20 minutes during Demonte Jackson's sentencing hearing on Thursday (June 6), and it included a claim about this incident still affecting the couple's everyday lives. "This was an entirely new traumatizing incident," the "SINCE I WAS A LIL" MC recalled. "This is something we still deal with to this day. There are times when she [closes] off. She can’t communicate, and I just get so angry all over again because she didn’t deserve this. She didn’t ask for this."

Furthermore, Bun B held back and shed tears while remarking on how his wife never entered their home again due to how much the robbery affected her. That night, Walls thought that she was answering a delivery driver's knock on the door, but it was the robber instead. The Texas rapper heard the incident from a different floor of the house and he revealed that the intruder held a gun to her head. "Don’t come downstairs. He’s going to kill me," Walls allegedly told the RodeoHouston fan when he heard the ruckus and went to get his gun.

Bun B's Emotional Testimony

"She was very panicked, she was borderline hysterical," Bun B said of his wife's reaction. "She just did not want me to go out that door and face the person with the gun." At around this time of the story, the robber was in the garage and sitting in one of its cars when Bun shot at him and struck him in the shoulder. After a brief shootout, they fought on the garage floor, Jackson escaped, and then Bun chased him and knocked him down. "I wanted to know who that was behind the mask," the YOKOZUNA TRILL artist recalled.

"I wanted to know if this was someone I knew personally or someone that knew someone I knew personally," Bun B recalled. "Just the idea of seeing my wife in this state, I wanted to know who had done this to her." Demonte Jackson's sentencing hearings will resume today (Friday, June 7). Amid other small legal issues, this is clearly a wound that not even a sentence will be able to heal, but we wish the couple the best on their journey.

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