Since coming out prison, Gucci Mane has been in his happiest and healthiest form. The rapper continues to build his business resume, put out a hell of a lot of music and also worked on an autobiography. All while planning out his wedding. His upcoming album got pushed back to next month but it seems he’s also been occupied with other musical ventures. The rapper has recently been seen in the studio with a very popular YouTube personality. 

On a short clip that’s been circulating Twitter, Gucci Mane is seen in the studio alongside Jake Paul. Gucci tells the camera “This song right here is a hit. Listen, if y’all sleepin’ on Jake Paul, y’all finna know,” before laughs breakout in the background. It looks like both Gucci Mane and Jake Paul have something interesting up their sleeves.

Guwop’s been slowly expanding his guest verses past the world of hip hop. Recently, he assisted Fifth Harmony on their single “Down” with both parties performing the song at the VMA’s. He also teamed up with Selena Gomez earlier this summer for “Fetish” which was met with some pretty good reception. As Gucci continues to dominate the mainstream world, it’s looking like we’ll be seeing him venture off into other genres. 

Last week, we were hoping to receive his upcoming album Mr. Davis. A day prior to it’s initial release, the date ended up getting pushed back to October 13th. He spoke to MTV News about the pushback.

“I planned on originally putting it out September the 15th; then, I started [thinking], October the 17th, but that’s the day I get married” Gucci said.

The release of the album was initially supposed to coincide around the same time as his autobiography however, he said that he wanted his book release to be a big moment without having anything to overshadow it. “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane” has been met with some pretty good reception thus far. Either way, it looks like we got a little bit less than a month until we receive his second project of the year, Mr. Davis.

Check out the clip below: