Mase Asks Rich Paul If He Plans To Get LeBron James And Bronny On The Same Team

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Rich Paul gets candid about LeBron and Bronny.

LeBron James has talked about wanting to play with his son Bronny in the NBA. Bronny is currently going through the draft process. After a turbulent season at USC, the eldest son of LeBron James declared for the NBA draft. Before the draft combine, Brony was not even considered a second-round pick. Now, after showcasing his skills at the NBA Draft Combine, Bronny has shot up draft boards and is now considered a late second-rounder. Additionally, Bronny continued his combined momentum with a fantastic pro day at the Lakers facility. Mase has now asked LeBorn's long-time agent, Rich Paul if the NBA kingmaker is planning on getting the father and son on the same team.

Rich Paul was on Mase and Cam'ron's It Is What it Is podcast recently and dropped some gems about the NBA and his relationship with LeBron James. Mase, the investigative podcast host he is, hit Rich Paul with some hard-hitting questions. Mase asked Rich Paul if he is trying to finesse getting LeBron and Bronny on the same NBA roster. All in all, the super agent had an interesting reply.

Mase Asks Rich Paul ABout LeBron and Bronny Playing Together

Rich Paul is proven to be a guy who can make things happen in the NBA. He is probably the most powerful agent in basketball, and his partnership with LeBron James is well-documented. Mase asked straight up how Rich Paul plans to get Bronny and Bron on the same team. Rich Paul promptly answered, "I don't." Mase and his co-host Cam'Ron both chuckled at the answer. Paul then described the situation, describing LeBorn and Bronny's father-son relationship mixed in with their respective NBA journeys. He says you can't act like nepotism doesn't exist, but Bronny is being asked to apologize for his father's success.

Additionally, Paul says LeBron has built a legacy that has now transitioned into business, and that is rare, and to expect Bronny to apologize for his lineage is hypocritical when looking at the history of black Americans. He also explains how they are welcoming what comes with being an athlete, and Bronny can't run from the criticism. He says that he has to take on and continue to handle the criticism with grace. Paul says that the attention comes with the territory. Overall, Rich Paul had some interesting answers for Mase. Furthermore, he went very in-depth on the podcast, and it's worth a listen.


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