Lupe Fiasco Sounds Cool As Ever On His New Single "Samurai"

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Lupe skates on another smooth instrumental.

It would be a colossal understatement to describe Lupe Fiasco as "good at rhyming." From a technical standpoint, he's one of the gifted rappers to ever touch a microphone. It's less of an opinion and more of a statement of fact, two decades into his career. The issue with Lupe has never been his songwriting. It's been his instrumental choices. Lasers, his third studio album, was perceived by many as an act of career sabotage due to its commercial sound and cheesy radio hooks. That was 2011, though. Lupe has been on an absolute tear over the last decade, and "Samurai" suggests he isn't stopping anytime soon.

"Samurai" is the lead single for Lupe's album of the same name. It's an apt title, given the rapper's interest in Japanese culture, and his verbal proficiency. It would be on the nose to say that Lupe is the rap equivalent of a Samurai, but we don't have to worry because he says it himself here. Lupe skates on this new song, dishing out double and triple entendres about the state of the world. There's a wistfulness to the rapper's verses, and seeing as its the first song on the album, it's safe to assume the rest of it will bear a similar feel.

Lupe Fiasco Continues To Lyrically Dazzle

The instrumental is an absolute winner. Lupe Fiasco has gradually honed his ear for beats over the last few years, and he's fully come back around to the jazzy sound that fans fell in love with on his first two albums. "Samurai" feels like a sonic successor to classic Lupe cuts like "Sunshine" and "Paris, Tokyo." The comparison might be lofty, but it's apt. Lupe's previous single, "LLC," is not listed on the Samurai tracklist. Still, the quality of all these songs has us excited for what actually makes the cut.

What are your thoughts on this new song, "Samurai" by Lupe Fiasco? Does it sound like Food & Liquor Lupe? Is this his most lyrical showcase in 2024? Are you excited for Lupe's new album? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Lupe Fiasco. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

Quotable Lyrics

Big eyes looking like skies, in binoculars
Two nights live, singing by the opera house
But not in it, just by, someone alongside it
A long silence, a strong vibrant, meditative song of guidance

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