The FERG Era Is Upon Us With New Single "MDMX"

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FERG might be signaling that a new album is in the works.

Just a few days ago, fans of the A$AP Mob were thrilled to see that Ferg and Rocky were bumping some new material that they recently recorded. A short clip made the rounds online of the two crew mates getting hype for a possible collab coming soon. However, people are now in shock that the boisterous rapper has dropped the A$AP title from his name. Everyone is just now finding about this due to FERG (his new stage name) dropping a single out of nowhere called "MDMX."

There is a strong possibility that FERG did not accept the supposed invitation from Nast to rejoin the Mob. He apparently was removed from the 2010s collective in 2020 and things just have not been the same since then. Him shortening his name to FERG could be all we need to know that a new era for the Harlem veteran is underway. "MDMX" is just the second solo single from him since 2021's "Green Juice" with Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes.

Listen To "MDMX" By FERG

Additionally, it follows up his 2020 sequel tape Floor Seats II, so it has been a long time coming for the "Shabba" MC. "MDMX" is a trap trunk knocker with some trademark voice inflections and pretty entertaining flows. The fact that it is not anything to outside of the box for FERG, could hamper this supposed new trajectory's impact. But it is a serviceable release until hopefully more comes later on.

What are your thoughts on this brand-new single "MDMX" by FERG? Is this one of his strongest releases as of late, why or why not? How do you feel about him dropping the A$AP moniker from his stage name? What do you think he is suggesting by doing this? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding FERG. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

Quotable Lyrics:

Most of my n****s be keepin' it trill
Some of them n****s, they keepin' it real
Never stop 'til I go run up a bill'
I'm feelin' myself like I just popped a seal
All of this water, I feel like a seal
All of these b****es, I feel like I'm Seal

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