Moniece Slaughter Says Shaq Cheated On Her With Rocsi Diaz and Hoopz

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Moniece says she didn't know she was dumped.

Moniece Slaughter, star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, is known for disclosing most, if not all, of her personal secrets. She has spoken in the past about her purported one-year romance with Shaquille O'Neal. She alleged that Shaq told her to "kill yourself" over text. In the same interview, she also described intimate things about their relationship, like describing what sex with Shaq was like and giving her take on his "size." Now Slaughter has thrown some more accusations in Shaq's way. She says that during her relationship with him, Shaq cheated with multiple women. 

Moniece alleges that Shaq cheated on her with multiple women during their four year-long relationship. In her interview on the show "Reality with the King," she went into more detail about her relationship with Shaq. She also named names of those whom Shaq was cheating with. Slaughter says Shaq cheated with former 106 & Park host Rocsi Diaz and Hoopz from Flavor of Love. She said Shaq dumped her but did not know she was dumped until it all came out. 

Moniece Slaughter Details Shaq's Cheating

Slaughter described the relationship as "a mess." The host asked if Shaq was cheating on her, and she said, "Yes, a lot." She then knew that she had gotten dumped when Rocsi Diaz popped up with Shaq on the internet. Moneice Slaughter says that in 2012, she got matching tattoos together with Shaq and planned to spend New Year's Eve together. Then Shaq popped up in the Bahamas with Hoopz, who had the same tattoo she had just gotten from Shaq. She says there was another woman after Rocsi, but she can't even remember who it was as she is over the situation. 

Moneice Says Shaq would always complain about her "mouth" and her speaking mind. But in her eyes, he did not like that she would call him out for cheating on her. She says Shaq made it clear their relationship was exclusive, but obviously, he didn't really mean it applied to him. The reality TV star is no stranger to messy situations. Overall, it seems like her relationship with Shaq was very messy.


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